Creative Keepers mission is to provide fun, enjoyable goalkeeper training for all children aged 6-16 years of age. We offer two types of classes, 6-10 years for our fundamentals class and 11-16 for our advanced class. Creative Keepers is for everyone and anyone who is looking to become involved in football and would like to learn about the very specific position of being a goalkeeper!. Whether you are interested in your child learning to play recreationally to add to their game or to play at a higher level later in life then Creative Keepers can help!

We are a school based in the North-West of England offering quality coaching with excellent customer service. Our coaching staff are highly qualified and well experienced in coaching the specific position of goalkeeping, they are additionally trained as outfield and disabled trained coaches too. We follow FA teachings allowing safe learning environments and strongly agree with guided learning. We aim to connect with all learning types and address everyone as an individual.   Our goalkeeper coaches have a wealth of experience working within professional, semi professional, female, male, youth and disabled football.

Our main purpose is to provide goalkeeper training for all however we have a track record of academy progressions from goalkeepers within our schools.  We currently have schools in Chorley, Adlington and Blackburn with more to open. Please visit FIND CLASSES in in our header above for you to arrange your FREE TRIAL!.