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Fundamentals Class

Fundamentals Class- Ages 6-10

Our fundamentals class is set out for the golden years of development. We work on this age category to invest the correct way into a goalkeepers future. The way we set out our curriculum is a progressive development for both football as an outfielder and as a goalkeepers. We usually perform half a session with footwork and movements and half a session using goalkeeper related exercises in a fun, safe and vibrant environment.

We aim to develop the following skill sets

* Handling
* Passing
* Footwork on and off the ball
* Basic skills
* Exposure to new situations
* Exposure to bravery and confidence
* Basic goalkeeper skills
Kicking from the floor and hands
* Playing out from the back

Advanced Class

Advanced Class- Ages 12-16

Our advanced class is aged at the peak age of development where children can establish both the technical understanding and the tactical understanding of the game. We like to teach through guided learning and build players in suit with the England DNA. This allows us to professionally develop them and help them be progressed into professional football all academies that also follow the same principles.


We aim to develop the following skill sets: 

* Footwork & Handling
* Understanding of the game
* Shot stopping
* Social development
* One v One’s
* Physical development
* Dealing with crosses
* Technical and tactical aid
* Fitness
* Psychological development
* Diving technique
* Mind set of a goalkeeper
* Distribution
* What it takes to get to the next level

private sessions

Our private goalkeeper training sessions occur on a one to one basis. This is by far the best way for you to develop as a
goalkeeper. We work on an individual basis to assess your goals and we set out a plan to achieve them.
We have had numerous success promoted players to professional academies over the years in the UK and aiding college development in the USA. We offer a unique training program where we report, analysis, build video’s and create a footballers CV that can aid in professional youth academy recruitment.


We set out our parameters of development to work on the following:

  • Handling
  • Distribution phases of the game
  • Out of possession
  • In possession

  • In transition
  • Receiving Corners 

  • Taking goalkicks
  • Movement in specific areas 

  • Footwork
  • Tactical understanding
With all of the above and more we will build and progress you to the levels you desire to move to, how
hard you work and how much you want it defines success!